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Why you should book your Boracay getaway at BPHT?

The mere thought of planning and preparing for a perfect getaway can be tiring sometimes. For a stress-free travel, BPHT Booking Services, an online booking service based in the world-famed island of Boracay, has just the right tool to help you.

BPHT, which stands for Boracay Philippines Hotel and Transportation live up to its name by offering a hassle-free experience for every traveler. Their online booking portal, www.boracayphilippineshotelandtransportation.com.ph serves as a one-stop shop for every traveler’s needs.

Here are the several reasons why you should book your next trip with them.

Special tour packages

Keep your stress at bay as BPHT can arrange everything during your Boracay travel. In just a few clicks, BPHT can help you book your accommodation, transfers, tours, and activities for a memorable stay in the island.

They can help you find an accommodation to match your budget and preferences. You can choose from their wide range of partner resorts, hotels and hostels in the island for the most suitable offer for your room arrangements.

Seamless transport service

BPHT also offers seamless transport service, including chartered and individual transfer to and from Kalibo International Airport and Caticlan Airport to your hotel. With their dynamic and friendly staff, you’ll definitely be assured with a VIP treatment during your transfer. They have their own private van so you’ll get enough leg room and space for your luggage. Upon reaching Caticlan Jetty Port, remain stress-free as BPHT guides will be there to assist you for your boat ride and land transfer until you reach your hotel in the island.

Personalized island activities

But their service doesn’t just stop there. You can likewise explore the different land and water activities through the help of BPHT. Design your experience by checking their website for the different excursions, day tours and island activities. BPHT gives you the freedom to personalize the tour that suit your needs and taste.

You can book fun and exciting Boracay activities such as snorkeling, zipline, parasailing, jetski, helmet diving and ATV rides, among others. Skip the annoying commissioners at the White Beach and enjoy island activities at your own pace. They also arrange special island hopping tours that allow you to enjoy the blue waters of the island and its other wonders.

Excellent customer service

Expect hands-on assistance from their friendly and knowledgeable BPHT guides during the whole duration of your stay. Enjoy the island with first hand information from your BPHT guides who know the island better. BPHT guide will give you the utmost assistance from your hotel transfer, island activities and for your other needs in the island.

Tours beyond Boracay

More than just the island, BPHT also offers exciting tours beyond Boracay. For those with adventurous soul, they organize day trip tours beyond Boracay. BPHT brings you to other hidden wonders of Aklan and Panay Island.

So whether you are planning for a family vacation, company outing, small or large group excursions, or just on a short holiday with a special someone, save yourself from the extra worry. So don’t miss out on the exhilarating fun in the island. Book your travel and tours at www.boracayphilippineshotelandtransportation.com.ph for a stress-free Boracay holiday!

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