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My trip to Bakhawan Eco Parl, Kalibo, Aklan

My trip to Bakhawan Eco Park was wonderful, fun, exciting, relaxing and really enjoyable. To be honest I never thought that going to Bakhawan Eco Park was fun, but as me and my parents walked along  the wooden bridge it totally turned my mind around.

I enjoyed looking at the mangroves because of its unique structures and the different kinds of plants in there. It made me feel more closer to nature. I was also amazed  that there was a clam and crab culturing there.

bakhawan eco park path way

The air was so fresh and clean and I got excited every step of the way. I remembered when we stopped for a while when we saw a “Feed the fishes” sign, it was really fun looking at the fishes as you feed them. There are lots of amazing sights in the Eco Park as me and my parents go deeper we saw a river and there was a bridge to cross the river but it was very high I was quite scared because I might fall but the view was beautiful.

Every once and a while in our journey in the Eco Park I always got tripped on my steps, it’s because of the wonders I saw in the Bakhawan, I wasn’t looking where I was going and I always got excited that’s why I’ve always tripped.

silhouette shot at Bakhawan Eco Park

My parents and I saw that there were a lot of cottages and areas where families can have a picnic and hang out. There was even a cockatoo bird named Christian. But my favorite part of this trip was that at the end of the 1 km walk at the Eco Park. There was a sandbar in between the river and the sea, where the breeze is very cool and the wind never dies and calming sound of the sea as it reaches the shore, all of it was very relaxing and I love it very much.

I never realized how peaceful this could be and I felt like all my problems just fade away. Such a wonderful place to be when you feel tired, lonely and problematic it can make it go away.

The Bakhawan Eco Park really changed a lot. It is more beautiful more interesting to see because of its amazing views and best of all you will never get bored. There are a lot of wonders in there, just waiting to be seen. And the thing that makes it even more special, is that you will want to go back there again and again and again.

Bakhawan Eco Park

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