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Terms and Conditions


1.) Upon your arrival at the airport, kindly approach our staff holding a welcome signage of your name.

2.) Should any changes/delays during your arrival cause passengers to miss the service indicated on the travel itinerary ticket, inform us immediately through phone (text/call) or email.

3.) Valuables such as cash, electronic gadgets, jewelry, ID and life saving medications should be stored in carry-on baggage. BPHT booking services will not be liable for damage or loss of your personal belongings.

4.) For your return transfer (Boracay Island to Airport), please be informed that you will be picked up three (3) hours prior to your flight departure time in Caticlan Airport and five (5) hours before your (domestic) flight departure time at Kalibo Airport. For international flights, pick up will be six (6) hours prior to departure flight time. Failure to comply with the advised pick-up time, BPHT booking services will not be held liable for any missed flights.

5.) Failure of guest to show up at the hotel / resort lobby on the advised pick up time on the itinerary, will be charge Php 50 for every 30 minutes late. BPHT Booking Services will not be liable for any consequences of guests’ delay.

6.) Kindly email ([email protected]) or call/text (+63) 920-126-0307; (+63) 917-135-7393. BPHT booking services of any changes in your itinerary (hotel, flight, ETA/ ETD) prior to your arrival or departure date for revision. We will send an email of acknowledgement once we received your message. (At least two (2) days in advance).

Tour and Activities

1.) In case of bad weather or force majeure, we can re-scheduled the activities for you.

2.) People with Medical Conditions like high blood, asthmatic, heart ailment,etc. should not participate in this activities. Pregnant women is not also allowed.

3.) Kindly email ([email protected]) or call/text (+63) 9201260307, (+63) 917-135-7393. BPHT booking services of any changes in your itinerary (hotel, date of activities) prior to your tour and activities date for revision. We will send an email of acknowledgement once we received your message (At least a day in advance).

Refunds and Cancellations

1.) Refund shall be permitted only if the fare conditions allow refund, discounted rates, promo rates, package rate are unlikely to receive refunds.

2.) BPHT booking services is not liable to refund due to mistake in booking.

3.) In event of force majeure and fortuitous events, re-booking procedures will be advised. You can also request for a full refund. Full refunds are subject to 10% service charge.

4.) Instant cancellation / termination of booking within the day of tour, activities and transfer service date is non-refundable.

5.) Cancellation made three (3) days before the tour, activities and transfer service date is non refundable.

6.) Cancellation/termination of booking made 4 to 7 days before the tour, activities and transfer service date is 50% refundable.

7.) Transferable for Activities only : In case you missed to avail these activities provided with a valid reason, booking can still be used within the year period or you can transfer the exact reservation to your nominated person.

8.) Refund in full is granted (subject to 10% charge) if guest is able to send copy of the required documents (medical certificate, death certificate, etc.).

9.) A letter of request is required to assess the grant of refund. Refund will be evaluated on case to case basis.

10.) Refund processing is within 30 working days period.

Re-Booking and Additional Charges

1.) Re-booking does not apply for partial cancellations for a group. Re-booking only applies for entire group cancellations.

2.) Re-booking is allowed on force majeure and fortuitous events.

3.) Request for re-booking of tours, activities and transfer service is allowed only once and within six (6) months period from date of cancellation.


1.) For Credit Card payment ONLY an additional 5% service fee is applied.

Southwest Tours Terms and Conditions


1.) RIGHT TO DECLINE BOOKING. The First Party shall have the right to decline the booking if such is made less than 24 hours prior to the guest’s arrival or departure. Booking shall also be dependent on the availability of the units in the area. As such, the First Party shall also have the right to decline bookings that exceed its capacity.

2.) NO-SHOW GUESTS. Guests who do not show up at the arrival counter of the Second Party at the airport terminal, or at the hotel or pick-up station for departures, shall be charged 100% and no refund will be issued to the Second Party.

3.) CANCELLATIONS. In the event of booking cancellation, the Second Party shall notify the First Party through a written request either sent by email or fax. Cancellations will be subject to the following refunds:

Cancellation PeriodCancellation FeeRefund
30 days before transfer date0%100%
20-29 days before transfer date10%90%
10-19 days before transfer date20%80%
6-9 days before transfer date40%60%
3-5 days before transfer date60%40%
2 days before transfer date80%20%
1 day before transfer date90%10%
Less than 24 hours100%0%


4.) BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE. Each passenger is allowed two (2) pieces hand-carried luggage. Any number of luggage in excess will be charged P250.00 per luggage.

5.) PORTERAGE SERVICE. Porterage service is NOT included in the transfer fee. Third party porterage service for a fee may be requested at the time of booking, but in no way shall the First Party be held liable for the performance of the porterage provider.

6.) LOST OR DAMAGED LUGGAGE. In the unlikely event of lost or damaged luggage due to negligence of third party or passengers, the First Party shall not be held liable for said loss or damage.

7.) FORCE MAJEURE. In cases where passengers from the point of origin to the point of destination miss their flights due to delays in or cancellation of transfers caused by increment weather, natural calamities, fortuitous events, civil commotion, and all other causes beyond the control of the First Party, the latter shall not be held liable for any refund or remuneration of expenses by passengers due to said failure of services.