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Best Price/Rates for Boracay Transportation Services

Complete All-In transfer services from Kalibo airport or from Caticlan airport going to and from Boracay Island

Looking for transportation services going to Boracay?

  • Kalibo Airport transfer service pick-up
  • Boracay Airport transfer service pick-up
  • Going back to Caticlan Airport transfer pick-up
  • Boat and ferry going to and from Boracay
  • Within the Island transport services

We have transport services anytime and anywhere to any point in Panay island including Iloilo City, Roxas City, Kalibo and Caticlan going to any hotel/resort in Boracay island. A day and night transfer services is available.

We believe that we can provide you with the best tourist transport service going in and out of Boracay Island.

Boracay Transfer Package All-In

From Kalibo airport and from Caticlan airport until your hotel or resort door step in the Island. Our cheap and reliable transportation service packages are all in. It includes the following:

  • Land transfer service from Kalibo/Boracay airport to Caticlan Jetty Port.
  • Terminal Port fees - Inbound and outbound.
  • Environmental fee.
  • Sea transfer service from port (Caticlan Jetty Port) to port (Cagban Port/Boracay Port).
  • Island transfer service from port to your hotel.

About Our Services

 More Exclusivity

Away from crowded public transfer service, long queue and long waiting time. We pre-arrange everything to ensure the quality and reliability of our transfer service.

 Premium Transport Services: Pick up and drop off.

As part of our premium service, we make sure that our transport provider pick you up and drop you off at your respective destination. Great value for your money which means you will get the service that you've paid for. We will personally take in charge of everything with regards to your booked transfer service. We will continuously coordinate with the transport provider so you will not have to worry for your trip going to and from Boracay.

 Assisting Guide (Meet and Assist)

For your travel security and assurance upon your arrival from Caticlan Jetty Port our friendly assisting guide(coordinator) will meet and accompany you. He will give you your pre-arrange tickets (terminal port fee ticket, environmental fee ticket and boat ticket), assist you to your boat ride, and will take you to your respective hotel and back.

 More Transport Providers, More Transfer Service

BPHT Booking Services has been partnered with different transportation service provider here in Panay Island and they are BLTPMC, CBTMPC, Oyster Ferry (Ferry Boat), Dickson Travel, KIATA as our main transportation service provider and other independent transport service. So you don't have to worry.

 Less Transaction Cost: Save 5% - 10% now!

As we have good partnership, we also have special arrangement with our providers, rest assured that you will have the best price and availability of our transfer services. You can depend on us to provide you with your requested transfer service.

 No Extra Charges for Flight Delays

We will continue to monitor your flights status, there are no additional charges for flight delays and night navigation.

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